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Anti-Aliasing Fonts and ZUNE on your 68k Amiga !
The AfA OS Project was started in November 2005 by Bernd Roesch.
The goal of AfA OS is to bring modern features like Antialiasing (AA) to the AmigaOS since there is no further development for the 68k AmigaOS since OS3.9
AfA OS replaces AmigaOS core libraries with their more advanced AROS counterparts.
This is done step by step, so you should come from time to time and look if there is a new version of
You can download the actual version with sourcecodes from the "AfA OS Binaries" link on the left.
If you run into any trouble or if you want to participate,
please contact the Author
If you want to know if your Amiga, meets the minimun requirements to run AfA, then read this.