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About AmiDevCpp

AROS for AmigaOS

AmiDevCpp is a integrated Development Environment for Windows, that comes with a pre-installed Crosscompiler
for m68k-AmigaOS3, ppc-AmigaOS4, ppc-MorphOS, i386-aros, ppc-aros, x86_64-aros. That means, you can build executables for all amiga like OS under Windows

AmiDevCpp is based on the free Development Environment  WxDev-Cpp
and  Jocke \'Zerohero\' Birging 's Crosscompiler.
AmiDevCpp provides a comfortable Development Environment to Amiga Developers.
That means Project managment, Class Browser, Code completition and a lot more.
AmiDevCpp can be expanded with so called DevPaks.
AmiDevCpp is for free and comes with a multilingual Setup Program and can be downloaded for free.
Broadband users can download the whole package at once. Modem users can download
the self extracting archive, that is splitted into small parts.

Important Notice for english users:
Cygwin doesnt support directory names with empty spaces, like "Program Files"
Because the crosscompiler is cygwin based, amidevcpp also doesnt support it.
So you should take care, that the installation path is free of empty spaces.